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Luxury Boarding Kennels & Cattery

Brookdale established in 1981

Brookdale boarding kennels and cattery is a caring and state of the art “home away from home” for your pets.

Situated in the lovely semi rural district just South of Drury where peace and tranquility set the scene for your pets holiday. They will enjoy the outdoors and have fun with their mates, new or old. A great environment where you will know your pet will be happy and content.

Our guests receive lots of supervised playtime in this tranquil rural setting. Why would you want to send them to a glorified warehouse in the city especially when you are travelling south. remember we are only 1.5 minutes off the motorway.

The facilities are constantly being updated to take advantage of overseas trends and developments. The state of the art “Fully Air Conditioned” “Thermal Wrap Rooms” are an example of new technology being used for the benefit of Brookdale’s special Guests

Brookdale understand most of their Guests live inside your homes and may even sleep on your bed so cosy accommodation whilst they holiday at Brookdale is so important.

Brookdale caters for all medical and dietary needs including Arthritis and Diabetes. Brookdale receives many Veterinary referrals where special care is required. This of course gives you the owner piece of mind, knowing your pet is in good hands.

When love, care and safety are your priority Brookdale is the natural choice.

24 April, 2013


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